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Koru is the leader in predictive hiring. We know the only sustainable competitive advantage in the 21st century is our people. Koru has found a way to drive massive performance improvements in enterprises, while at the same time creating opportunity for people based on what they are able to do.

We apply predictive analytics to leading assessment science to deliver your company’s unique performance fingerprint, based on the Koru7™ Impact Skills, those intangibles that matter most to performance: Grit, Rigor, Impact, Teamwork, Curiosity, Ownership, and Polish.


To put your unique performance fingerprint into action, we deliver Koru Hire, a fast, easy-to-use candidate screening and selection tool that quickly identifies your highest quality, most diverse group of top tier candidates from your applicant pool, no matter how many thousands of applicants you have. With Koru Hire, you can screen and identify your top tier candidates with only a few clicks in a few seconds, versus days or weeks of resume reviews and phone screens.


We work with some of the world’s leading enterprises as well as innovative, high-growth companies across dozens of industries to find and develop the best talent to meet their needs. Our customers have seen 30-60% increases in high performing hires using Koru, with associated ROI in the millions per year.


If you are a talent acquisition professional who wants to be part of the exciting shift to predictive, data-driven hiring, we're here for you. 

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