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Injoy Global has a gamified online culture-shaping company that is designed to transform the workplace. We deliver employee engagement and workforce development solutions that strengthen company culture by building teamwork, a shared purpose, and a commitment to improve performance that enhances the bottom line.

Our simple, interactive Culti-Vate platform combines the gaming elements of challenge and reward, the community interaction of social media, and the support and reinforcement of positive psychology.

Rooted in neuroscience and the proven benefits of an optimistic mindset, our employee engagement and workforce development solution improves employee well-being, job satisfaction, and performance.

"The Injoy Global Platform is a series of online Challenges that inspire and create an environment at work where we bring out the positive, vibrant energy that we need to excel with one another each day that help us grow to be the best group of hard working individuals in the industry."- Tony C.

Our mission is simple: To help companies create the best culture possible for their employees.

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Phil Dixon, SPHR - Director of Operations & Human Capital