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Data Solutions International (DSI) is a global software and services firm providing cost effective solutions to measure, evaluate, and improve employee performance. With over 18 years of experience, our skilled project managers use our configurable technology to deliver sophisticated employee measurement solutions tailored to your business.

Mobile Optimized: Responsive survey solutions for tablets and mobile phones with quick load times and swipe features.

Dynamic Dashboards: Bring forward what’s important with our easy-to-read and interpret dashboards that summarize need-to-know information.

Optimize Your Data: Bring together data to create targeted solutions and make better, faster, business decisions.

Global Support: With offices in the US and UK, global project management, and web-based tools, you can be ensured that your next program will run smoothly.

 We offer 360/multi-rater feedback, employee engagement, talent management, on boarding and exit, customer satisfaction, pulse, and data visualization solutions. Our clients include prestigious consulting organizations, multi-national corporations, and government agencies. To learn more about building a long term partnership, give a call at 952-943-8137 or visit