CAEL works with employers to create and deliver effective talent management solutions that help to develop and guide your most valuable asset – your people — to new career opportunities within your company. For 40 years, CAEL has worked with many of the country’s largest organizations across multiple industries to equip their employees with the skills needed today and into the future. CAEL’s innovative ‘LearningCounts” suite of services includes: - Career Action Platform: We deliver customized online tools designed to help you align your talent management tasks squarely with your corporate goals. This includes career mapping, career matching, cross walk and recruiting tools. - Advising and Development Services: Our institution-neutral advisors work with employees to ensure that their education choices are made with knowledge of all available options and take into consideration each individual’s career goals – within the context of the company’s strategy and business needs. - Online Prior Learning Portfolio Service: Our easy-to-use online portfolio assessment service helps employees earn college credit for what they already know. It guides employees through the process of identifying, documenting and verifying their prior learning achieved through professional training, on-the-job experience, military service and self-initiated experiences (such as volunteer work and MOOCs). Employees save time and are 2.5 times more likely to complete their degree. And companies save money. These solutions make it easy for your employees to make smart choices and take charge of their careers. Let us help you transform your company’s workforce today.