September 23 - 25, 2018, The Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale

Mayerland Harris

Group VP of HR

4:40 PM Diversity as a Business Imperative — Why Inclusion is a Strong Strategy

According to several studies, companies that commit themselves to both a diverse frontline staff and an inclusive leadership are more likely to be successful companies
Businesses that are run with either more women on the board or are overseen by more culturally diverse teams are more likely to outperform the competition or innovate through the creation of new products. But diversity can also run much deeper. In the near future, a diverse frontline workforce and managerial staff will be crucial to companies as consumers expect to encounter a staff that reflects their own diverse demographic.
However, there is no clear-cut path to achieving a high D&I leadership or to forging bonds among co-workers of different backgrounds, political views and job titles. Developing a diverse workforce comes from developing people’s talent at all levels, from hourly staff and frontline supervisors to the executive staff and the corporate boardroom. In this session, we will look honestly at the steps it takes to create a workplace where employees can look around and see people who look like themselves, which gives support that they will be listened to when discussing new initiatives, workflows or cost-saving procedures.   Discover:
·         A new perspective on diversity in the workplace and among executive leadership
·         Practical steps to start boosting diversity and inclusion
·         Immediate actions you can begin implementing in your talent management strategy

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