September 23 - 25, 2018, The Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale

Kalani Ching

Head of Business Operations (former Director of Freelance Nation)

1:35 PM Gig Hiring and The Changing Landscape of Talent Management and Acquisition

Gig hiring is poised to reinvent the corporate landscape, with as much as half of the workforce holding at least a part-time gig by 2020.  So where does that leave talent management and its traditional model of developing full-time, in-office employees? Structured properly, gig wok can benefit both employee and employer.  Gig employees can grow their skillsets and quickly get exposed to multiple types of work environments. Smart-thinking employers can actually forge their own internal gig hiring platforms and achieve the ability to hire experts on-demand and quickly scale the size of their workforce to meet new demands or slowdowns. But this balancing act will pose a problem to existing models of performance management and employee engagement.  In this session, learn how to: 

  • Build and retain corporate culture when a large portion of your workforce are not traditional employees.
  • Emphasize long-term company needs to employees who are working on a contingent basis.
  • Best practices for using digital platforms for collaborating with external talent.
  • Understand the career paths of high-skilled workers, many with niche specialties, who serially join teams, rather than continue in a permanent job.

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