September 23 - 25, 2018, The Scottsdale Resort, Scottsdale

Ginger Maseda

Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition
Align Technology

1:20 PM The Employee Experience of a High Performance Culture

Don’t believe the tech bubble hype. There’s a lot more to creating a high-performance culture than catered lunches and ping-pong tables. Ultimately, a high-performance culture is a high-profit, low-turnover environment that inspires people to collaborate freely and perform at the top of their game. In the words of one performance management guru, it’s about “stoking a fire within people, not under them.” In other words, it’s about aligning talents with passions to boost productivity and eliminate time-wasting processes. All this comes together in an organizational culture that reflects itself in office values, reward systems and day-to-day behavior. In this panel discussion, learn more about:

  • The importance of defining business critical roles and filling them with A-level players
  • Identifying leadership capabilities
  • Why an engaged employee is 44% more productive than a satisfied worker, but an employee who feels inspired at work is nearly 125% more productive than a satisfied one
  • How to identify organizational drag — time-wasting processes that keep people from getting things done

9:10 AM What You Need to Know About Hiring at Scale

Scaling isn’t just about quickly hiring new employees. It’s about accelerating together as a team. During a time of rapid growth, planning is essential and a rock solid recruiting strategy is a necessity. To attract talented candidates at scale, a sourcing team needs to have every element of their candidate experience mapped out while communicating a crystal clear employee value proposition. Let’s face it — this is an employee’s market, so the time between screening interviews and final offers must be short on days and sweet with its personalized touches. Internally, recruiting teams need to honestly assess their hiring infrastructure and decide whether their software and decision-making processes can handle the new growth or whether outsourcing or in-house improvements are needed. Above all, steps must be taken to preserve and replicate company culture during this period of accelerated talent growth. Learn how to:

  • Deploy metrics to discover how many candidates will convert from each stage of the recruiting process
  • Identify which recruiting model works best for your company’s ambiguous workforce planning timelines
  • Use best practices for replicating your company culture and onboarding new employees during rapid growth
  • Leverage your talent management process to better inform your candidate selection process

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