JoAnn Corley

The Human Sphere
JoAnn Corley is a passionate champion of human potential. Her overall mission is to put the human back in human resource.
Her HR/Talent management career spans several decades with roles such as international benefits manager, recruiter, and corporate trainer evolving to her current expertise of performance coaching and organizational development.
Named to multiple top 100 HR experts lists, she is also a dynamic speaker and author. She’s been quoted or featured in major U.S. news and industry outlets and served as a Career Advisor for the Daily Telegraph-UK. Currently, she contributes to, and Huffington Post.

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8:20 AM One Hinders, The Other Helps: Replacing Performance Reviews with Performance Enhancement

Approximately one-third of U.S. companies are scrapping performance appraisals in favor of performance management processes that emphasize performance enhancement. Companies that decided to scrap the ‘360’ shouldn’t be surprised when teams, not individuals, determine results. 

Rafts of management and academic studies over the past half-decade have proven that, on-going performance enhancement  programs, which incorporate development, learning and coaching is more relevant to and reflective of the corporation of today. They properly reflect the integral nature of people development, offer agility and adaptability to immediate business needs and changes, and allow management to assess people’s contributions to and within teams. 

Still, challenges exist that merit the closer look we’ll provide. These include, among others:

•Creating a process that aligns individual and company goals
•Figuring out pay-for-performance using qualitative rather than quantitative measures 
•Legal issues around pay in the absence of certain of quantitative measures
•Flagging under-performing employees—and, even more important, turning them around

We’ll also strive to answer another important question--How  can companies actually assess pay in the absence of hard and fast, standardized, strictly quantifiable, appraisal procedures? 

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