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Download the 2018 CTO Exchange Agenda

Download the 2018 CTO Exchange Agenda

See what's in store for the 7th Edition CTO Exchange! 

Expert speakers include: IBM, Sodexo, Pfizer, Merck & CO., Akorn, and more!

Our tailored agenda is designed in partnership with our Talent Leaders attending and from market research with some of the world's top Talent leaders to identify current industry trends and challenges. 

Top Sessions Include: 

  • Boomerang Hires and Encore Careers — Why Your Best Hire May Be a Rehire
  • Gig Hiring and The Changing Landscape of Talent Management
  • Employer Branding as a Talent Acquisition Strategy
  • The Future of Background Checks — Discovering Candidates’ Digital Footprints
  • Talent Management for Teams: Pivoting Away from Individual Performance
  • And More!