Download the Chief Talent Officer Exchange Agenda

Download the Chief Talent Officer Exchange Agenda

See what's in store for the 7th edition CTO Exchange! 

Talent Management leaders find themselves living through an age of unprecedented disruption. Among talent leaders, digital transformation requires massive reskilling or rapid hiring for new roles, many of which may not even currently exist. In the workplace, millennials have already become the largest single segment, bringing with them cultural values that favor deep learning, self-designed career paths and a flexible work-life balance that prioritizes wellness.

Our tailored agenda is designed in partnership with our Talent Leaders attending and from market research our team performs with some of the world's top Talent leaders to identify what are the current industry trend, challenges and focus areas.

Top Sessions Include: 

  • Diversity as a Business Imperative — Why Inclusion is a Strong Strategy
  • Gig Hiring and The Changing Landscape of Talent Management
  • How Workforce Analytics Can Improve Talent Management
  • How Technology is Reshaping The Face of Talent Attraction
  • Discovering Your Company’s Invisible Teams — The Promise of Organizational Network Analysis
  • And More!